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Our business is making your business stand out from the crowd using the latest in drone photography technology.


Over the past few years, drone photography has taken the world by storm. It has become a distinctive way to showcase your business, whether you are a property developer, events organiser or run an industrial facility.

Capturing before and after shots of a construction as it is being built is a brilliant way of generating customer interest, allowing you to show off your ideas whilst they are still – quite literally – at their foundation stage.

In the meantime, drone cameras can also be an extremely useful way of surveying and inspecting buildings and carrying out 3D mapping and thermal analysis of sites. The data can also be easily integrated into BIM (Business Information Modelling) software.

Our 4K Ultra High Definition cameras have the ability to create impressive and inspiring imagery of your latest project.


Landscape and architectural shots (before and after) for builders, designers and customers. We also provide 3D mapping and thermal imaging.


We now fly the Inspire 2 with a range of lens. We can record upto 5.2k Cinema DNG & Pro Res 4444XQ. With a 20.4mp still image capture and 20 minutes in the air its all we need. The Phantom 4 Pro also packs a punch allowing full camera control.


Streamed direct from the drone whilst in flight, we can deliver full in-flight live footage and stills allowing full control and expert framing.

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Octovision are a professional drone videography operators based in Hull,

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