Technical and Legal Information


Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or drones) are quad-copters. Small and compact, we have expert pilots who work exclusively on these machines and enjoy them for their dexterity, flexibility and unique manoeuvrability.

Our Cameras are gyro-stabilised with full 360° 3-axis capabilities so our footage is ultra-smooth and cinematic quality at up to 4k Ultra-High-Definition. Our stills are 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ration and in RAW, TIFF or JPEG image format.


Aerial and Drone usage is strictly regulated to ensure maximum safety and to protect all airspace. At Octovision Media Limited our BNUC-S qualified, industry trained and CAA certified pilots are fully licensed for all aerial work and carry additional Construction Skills Certification Scheme Affiliation for work on all construction and building projects. 

We ensure our pilots are fully up to date with latest technologies and regulations in this rapidly advancing field by regularly enrolling them in continuing professional development courses.

Our in-depth, pre-shoot survey and risk assessment process ensures that not only are we CAA compliant but we are knowledgeable about your requirements.

Our pilots and photographers pride themselves on creatively applying their extensive knowledge and training to every client's individual needs. In short, we work with and alongside the authorities and our customers to guarantee outstanding footage and maximum safety and legal accountability at all times and we are fully insured with employee and public liability insurance.

The Civil Aviation Authorities specific regulations can be found here.  caa


At Octovision Media Limited our overwhelming focus is the client. We are very flexible and many of our jobs are booked with limited notice. All we need is enough time to do pre-flight checks and risk assessments to ensure maximum safety in operation for all concerned.

Weather is an unpredictable side of filming which can cause last minute postponements of work. We will insist on abiding by safety principles and legal frameworks in all instances. Where this causes disruption to prearranged schedules we will always discuss with our client the best option for re-arranging the work.


We are proud of the work we do at Octovision Media Limited and are keen to promote our services using real footage.

We will never publish our work,  internally or externally. until it has been released by the Client. We ask as a matter of courtesy that our clients credit our footage somewhere within the locations it appears, as appropriate.

When work is complete we will provide you with a link to a feedback form on our website so you can tell us what you think of us.

We are constantly looking to improve and better our service and welcome our clients’ assistance in this endeavour.


CAA UAV Safety Rules 

Specific UAV Regulations 

CAP722 Guidance